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Palazzo Pitti Palatine Gallery Skip The Line
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  • Step inside the lavish royal apartments earlier functioned as a residence of holy Roman Emperor Francis I, Napoleon, King Victor Emmanuel II and Grand Dukes of Tuscany

  • Walk through the classic Palatine Gallery to look at some of the exceptional artworks displayed from the collections of well-known artists like Raphael, Titian, and Rubens

  • Explore the royal Pitti Palace a historic sight by availing of priority entrance with your skip-the-line pass to avoid the inconvenience of waiting in long queues

  • See the marvellous collection of Medici family portraits & the stunning royal architetcure by booking the Pitti Palace Tickets online

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Must Know Before You Go
  • ID proof is mandatory for each individual guest upon arrival.
  • Foreign nationals may be asked to share their passport and visa details upon arrival.
  • Last admission is 1 hour and 20 minutes before closing.
  • Entry to the museum is by timed ticket. Advanced time tickets are suggested for best availability.
  • Late admittance cannot be guaranteed. Regardless of the weather, any entry queues will form outside the building. We recommend arriving just before your scheduled entry time.
  • Meet the guide at the starting points wearing a fluorescent yellow vest with ACCORD on it and show your voucher.
  • Meet your guide at the main entrance of Palazzo Pitti.
  • The second starting point for the Pitti Palace Tour is in front of the entrance of Palazzo Pitti, Piazza de' Pitti 1 at 15:00.
  • The first starting point is at the Uffizi Gallery along the Loggiato in front of the statue of Dante Alighieri at 11:00.
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Palazzo Pitti Tickets

By purchasing Palazzo Pitti Florence tickets you'll have access to the building designed by Filippo Brunelleschi in 1457 and its extensive collection of unique pieces of art inspired by the Medici era. Pietro da Cortona, Rubens, Raphael, Caravaggio, and Titian are just a few of the painters whose works you will get to see here. From the museum windows, you can see the Boboli Gardens and the Santo Spirito Basilica, both designed by Brunelleschi.

The Palatine Gallery, located on the ground level houses an impressive collection of paintings from the 16th and 17th centuries. While touring the Royal Apartments, you may view the refurbished 19th-century furniture. Visit the Gallery of Modern Art to see Italian artwork and culture from the 18th century through the First World War. Lastly, with the Palazzo Pitti Biglietti, discover the Boboli Gardens, stroll along their peaceful paths and enjoy your day by seeing the several museums housed in this magnificent palace.

Palazzo Pitti Tickets Highlights

Palazzo Pitti Tickets Highlights
  • Stop by the magnificent Galleria Palatina, the former residence of the Medici family, and marvel at its collection of more than 500 works of art.
  • Take in the breathtaking works at the Gallery of Modern Art, which focuses on showcasing Italian art from the 18th century to the First World War.
  • Experience the beauty and care that goes into creating Italian gardens at the Boboli Gardens with Palazzo Pitti Biglietti. 
  • Visit the Pitti Palace to see a world-class collection of art in a lavish Renaissance setting.

Explore Palazzo Pitti

The Royal Apartments
The Royal Apartments

The South Wing of the palace is where you'll find the Royal and Imperial Apartments, which include a total of fourteen rooms. This museum has given modern observers a glimpse into the lives of the aristocracy, adorned with the stamps of the various emperors that ruled at the time. Fans of art and design won't want to miss this show in which curators have painstakingly reproduced the private quarters of former Pitti Palace residents. Rooms feature opulent decor with intricate ivory carvings, hand-woven tapestries, and other handmade works of art. Experience history through all of your senses by touring the Blue Room, Throne Room, and Queen's Bedroom.

The Palatine Gallery
The Palatine Gallery

On the left side of Pitti Palace are the Royal Apartments and the Palatine Gallery, which contain a total of 28 rooms. These walls are covered from floor to ceiling with a stunning array of works from the Renaissance and early Baroque periods. The House of Lorraine allows commoners access to the royal collection. Some of the finest works of the early Renaissance can be seen here, still housed in their authentic period frames. Notable works include Leonardo da Vinci's influence on Raphael in the artist's The Portraits of Agnolo and Maddalena Doni, and Giorgione's depiction of three men who seem to represent the ages in The Three Ages. In addition to Peter Paul Reubens' The Consequences of War and Titian's The Concert, Raphael's The Vision of Ezekiel is also a famous piece of art.

The Treasury of the Grand Dukes of Palazzo Pitti
The Treasury of the Grand Dukes of Palazzo Pitti

The extravagant treasures of Tuscan nobility from the 17th century can be seen by tourists in the Treasury of the Grand Dukes. Items such as rich jewelry, rare jewels, and antique crystal vases can be found on exhibit in the treasury. Forged in Fire: Sculpture in Renaissance Florence is the title of the exhibition now on display in the Treasury of the Grand Dukes. In particular, the bronze sculptures of the 17th and 18th centuries of the Renaissance are on display, giving visitors a chance to appreciate this art form. The ambiance of the Treasury is perfect for appreciating these bronze works of art, and is an integral part of the experience. Be sure to see Giambologna's Bathing Venus, which is being exhibited for the first time. Spectacular works such as Pietro Tacca's crucifix illustrate the period's religious culture. Soldani Benzi contributed to the display by drawing a variety of pieces.

The Porcelain Museum
The Porcelain Museum

The Porcelain Museum, which is part of the Silver Museum, has been in the "Casino del Cavaliere'' since 1973. This building was built in the 17th century on top of a hill overlooking the Gardens of Boboli as a place for the Grand Duke to relax. The similar collections are mostly made up of porcelain tableware from the royal families that reigned Tuscany (Lorraine, Medici, and Savoy), so it's easy to see how their tastes changed over time. There are some great examples of Italian porcelain made in Doccia houses here. The museum's extensive collection of 17th-century dinnerware is also worth seeing alone; besides the sculptures, trays, bowls, and pots on show here are works of art.

The Museum of Costume and Fashion
The Museum of Costume and Fashion

There is an extensive collection of garments spanning the 18th to the 20th century in the Museum of Costume and Fashion which you can explore using Palazzo Pitti biglietti. It is indeed the first fashion museum to be supported by the Italian government. Beginning on the 16th of December, visitors to this museum can enjoy a fascinating exhibition. The exhibit, titled "At the Feet of the Gods," will showcase footwear from ancient Greece to the present day. Artifacts from sculpture and paintings are used to piece together the evolution of shoes from the fourth century onwards.

Gallery of Modern Art
Gallery of Modern Art

This museum features a wide range of works from the early 18th century to the early 20th century, encompassing the modern era. These sculptures and paintings, which represent the pinnacle of Neoclassicism and Romanticism, show how broad the term "modern art" can be. Art by Bartolini, De Tivoli, and Fattori, among others, adorns the walls of the museum; visitors should not leave without viewing these works if they have purchased Palazzo Pitti Tickets.

The Boboli gardens
The Boboli gardens

Visiting the Boboli Gardens is a must for anyone who has purchased Palazzo Pitti tickets. It is a contemporary Garden of Eden filled with spectacular statues, fountains, grottoes, and other architectural features. Even though it was built in the 15th century, the Boboli amphitheater has hosted countless festivals and plays over the centuries. The Boboli Gardens have a wide range of flora, including a wide number of lovely flowers, and two stunning fountains: the Fountain of Neptune and Ocean.

Plan Your Visit to Palazzo Pitti

Location & Timings
How to Reach
Location & Timings

Address: The Pitti Palace may be found in Piazza de' Pitti, 1, 50125 Firenze FI, Italy, right in the middle of Oltrarno (Florence's hippy neighborhood).


  • Opening Days: On weekdays (Tuesdays through Sundays), you can visit the palace with Palazzo Pitti Florence tickets between 8:15 am and 6:50 pm.
  • Closing Days: It's closed every Monday, on the first of the year and on the 25th of the year.

Visitor's Tips for Palazzo Pitti

  • Get to the Palazzo Pitti grounds early so you can visit the palace in the morning before it opens to the public.
  • You may learn a lot about the rich history of the building by going on a guided tour of Palazzo Pitti.
  • If your Palazzo Pitti Florence tickets come with an audio guide, use it. If not, you might miss important facts the building.
  • You should definitely check out the Museum of Costume and Fashion.
  • You'll need to leave your cameras in the cloakroom because they're not allowed inside.
  • You'll be doing a lot of walking, so be sure you're wearing shoes that can handle that.
  • It is not advised to visit Palazzo Pitti with a swimming suit or other revealing attire.
  • Make sure to often wash your hands with soap and water and to wear a mask in public spaces when inside the Palazzo Pitti.

FAQ’s About Palazzo Pitti

Why is Palazzo Pitti famous?

    The massive Palazzo Pitti, widely regarded as the most illustrious palace, is home to the Galleria Palatina and the illustrious Boboli Gardens. It is popular as Florence's crowning architectural achievement and a major tourist attraction due to its architectural beauty, historical significance, and the extensive collections that it houses.

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